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【Recruitment】Dalian Energas Group Recruits Postdoctoral Researchers

1 从事的职位 Position:The company requires several postdoctoral researchers;现招聘多名博士后研究人员。

2 专业要求 Professional Qualifications:

   Able to independently complete the research and development projects established by our enterprise

   Proficiency in advanced combustion technology, high pressure ratio centrifugal compressors, radial turbines and other devices related to gas turbines.



3 教育程度及专业 Education Background:

   Doctoral degree: Those who have already obtained a doctor degree in the last three years at home or abroad, or doctoral students who are going to graduate in the year 2017 and whose major is related to postdoctoral research projects.

   engineering thermophysics, thermal engineering, impeller machinery and fluid engineering and other related majors



4 年龄要求 Age: 35 years or younger; 35周岁以下

5 专业经验 Professional Experience: Previous experience is not necessary; 经验:不限 

6 语言要求 Language Skills:

   Good reading, writing and oral communication skills in both Chinese and English.


7 个性要求 Personal Qualifications:

   Dedicated to research and development, with a serious and rigorous work attitude, good organizational and coordination skill, strong interpersonal communication skills and team spirit;


8 工作性质 nature of work:Part-time or full-time; 全职、兼职均可

9 工作地点 Work place: Dalian Developmental Zone; 大连开发区

10 其它要求 Other requirements:

   Abide by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of China and exibit good professional conduct and no bad delinquencies in any circumstance.

   Conscientious and meticulous to work and have a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and dedication

   Doctoral degree (a doctoral student who has not yet received a degree can be provided with a proof of thesis defense certificate)

   International students shall obtain degree authentication (legalization) certificates of overseas education and degree issued by the Chinese Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education, and shall be deemed to be of the same status as full-time university students.

   Show us the recommendation letter from two doctoral advisers






11 薪资待遇 Compensation and Benefits:

工资 Salary:

   Part-time: Monthly salary: 4 thousand yuan + a project bonus (the bonus of each project will be give according to the quality of your work, such as the subject of the project, the extent of the progress, the results of the valuation of the performance.)

   Condition: within 1 year after signing the contract, you could apply for research and development funding, and we will approve it within a year.

   The part-time period is 2 years

   Full-time: Monthly salary: 8 thousand yuan +a project bonus (the bonus of each project will be give according to the quality of your work, such as the subject of the project, the completion of the progress, the results of the evaluation of the performance.)

   The job accommodation includes 5 types of social insurance and one housing fund; labor contract period is 3 years;






福利 Benefits:Free accommodation and lunch; 免费住宿、工作午餐

          More details will be discussed in person 更多内容面议

12 公司简介 Company Introduction:

  Dalian Energas Group is a group of companies dealing in natural gas products and industry chains. We adhere to clean energy as a core value, and consider energy equipment manufacturing and energy products operation as our two wings. We are committed to the gas equipment manufacturing industry, gas turbine industry, secondary battery industry, distributed energy project construction, natural gas energy operations and other core businesses. In this domestic gas power generation and gas supply market, we carry the important mission of the localization of gas power generation equipment.

  For more information, please visit our group website:www.energas-group.cn or listed company website:www.energas.cn.

  Headquarter office: No 22, Ti Tan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian City, China


  详情请登陆集团网址:www.energas-group.cn, 上市公司网址:www.energas.cn, 公司总部地址:中国大连市沙河口区体坛路22号

13 联系我们 Contact Us: 联系人Contact Person: 张女士Ms Zhang;