Notice of DUT 2018 Athletics Competition-大连理工大学国际教育学院(新)

Notice of DUT 2018 Athletics Competition

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1 Notice for International Student Spectators:

SpectatorsAttendance is limited to 200 people, as seats are limited; first come, first served;

Parade participantsOn the day of the competition, a simple meal, water, a t-shirt, and a ball cap will be provided to the parade participants, as well as an opportunity to win a prize;

Dress codeThose participating in the opening ceremony parade shall wear the provided university t-shirt, and those wearing traditional clothing to the opening ceremony will receive a university t-shirt and ball cap, as well as a prize. Please extract the QR code to sign up if you will wear traditional clothing;

Meeting timeMay 18thFriday6:20am

Meeting place: International Student Dormitory Building #2, outside of the entrance.

2 Distribution of equipment and food:

   For parade participants: Before 7:00am on May 18th (Friday), SIE will distribute t-shirts, caps, and flags outside the Liu Changchun athletic field

   For spectators: After the opening ceremony, the school will provide water and snacks

3 Time of the opening ceremony:

May 18th (Friday), 8:00 am

4 Requirements and Reminders

Participants must have their student ID, as each person may only have one set of stuff;

Participants and spectators must observe the rules of the competition and should not exit and reenter the stadium without reason;

On the day of the competition, please do not bring along valuables, and take good care of your personal belongings;

Please be respectful participants and observers, and act with courtesy towards all athletes and workers;

5 Prizes for International Students:

Participants: All participants will earn a certificate from SIE, as well as souvenirs, and winning participants will win a further certificate from the university.

Spectators: All spectators will have a chance to win a prize; there are many options and the odds that you will be picked are favorable!

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