Vacation Safety Tips for International Students in Dalian University of Technology

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To ensure safe and pleasant vacation and keep normal study after the vacation, safety tips are highlighted as follows:

1. Alcohol, disturbing, affray, fighting are strictly prohibited. Bars, nightclubs and other places of this kind are also strictly prohibited.

2. Always have your passport with you. Visa and residence permit must be extended in time. Students who live outside must go to the local police station to register for your accommodation and bring the registration form wherever you go.

3. Take care of your personal belongings, and pay attention to personal safety when you go out.

4. Students who stay in school during summer vacation must strictly abide by the accommodation management regulations and follow dormitory schedule. Smoking, alcohol, electrical appliances and flames are strictly prohibited.

5. Students living outside must pay attention to residence security. Use gas, water and electricity with caution and do not engage in any illegal activities.

6. Beware of fire and theft. Remember to cut off power and close window before leaving, and do not forget to lock the door.

7. Missionary activities are strictly prohibited. 

8. Illegal employment is strictly prohibited.

9. Drugs such as marijuana and heroin is strictly forbidden. Do not participate in or organize any  gambling activities, and do not conduct illegal activities such as prostitution.

10. It is strictly forbidden to visit illegal websites. Do not show your personal information to strangers.

11. Beware of fraud of any forms, such as short message, phone, email, etc.

12. Do not bath or swim in wilderness, and beware of drowning incidents.

13. Abide by traffic rules. Travel and cross road in a civilized way. Do not take illegal motorcycle or taxis. Do not buy, ride or take motorcycles, electric (or fuel) three-wheeled motorcycles and electric bicycles, etc. Illegal traffic acts such as unlicensed driving and drunk driving are strictly prohibited.

14. If encounter incidents such as robbery, murder, theft, electronic fraud,etc, call 110. If it’s a conflagration, call 119.

15. If you are in a traffic accident or an accidental injury, call 120.

16. During the vacation, please keep your mobile phone, WeChat or other communication methods standby. If there are any accidents, please contact your counselor in time.


 School of International Education

 Dalian University of Technology

  July 27th 2018


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